About Us

Phase One

This organization was started by one veteran fixing other veterans' cars, for little or no cost, in his front yard.  Moving that service inside made sense and we were off and running. This continues to be our primary focus and main service to the veteran community.

Parade car before being wrapped.

Phase Two

The second phase is to educate veterans and communities about services available to veterans and how the community can help. This will be done by maintaining a retired Xfinity race car for parades other events. As you can see in the photo gallery, the car has been wrapped in vinyl with logos that will advertise the various services and veterans organization.  The car has participated in two car shows, where we received awards, the Lincolnton, NC Veterans Day parade, and appeared at a few recruiting events for Veterans organizations.  Take a look at the Photo Gallery.

Phase Three

We hope to be able to provide vehicles to veterans or other organizations who serve community citizens with a pressing need.  More information will be provided about this when it becomes available.